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Skill up gradation

Through the State Training Policy center (WENS LINK) have aim at the following: 

(a) Equip all functionaries of the government with adequate knowledge and skills, bring about positive attitudinal changes, and build their capacity to enhance performance at individual as well as organizational levels with a view to bringing about good-governance.
(b) Develop capacity of government departments and organizations and prepare government functionaries to meet the challenges of the changing social, political, economic, environmental and technological conditions.
(c) Promote organizational responsibility, commitment and accountability towards training and capacity building in government departments and organizations.
(d) Build capacity of appropriate nongovernmental and civil society organizations/private organizations partnering the government Endeavour and develop synergies with them for the purpose of imparting training and sharing of resources, including manpower.
(e) Creating an enabling environment for continuous learning and capacity, building.
(f) Transforming the civil-service by moving towards a strategic human resource management system which would look at the individual as a vital resource to be valued, nurtured, motivated and developed to achieve the mission and objectives of the government.

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