Free Computer Training to the Youths

Free Computer Training to the Youths

Our organization recognized the growing importance of computer education to the unemployed educated youth and accordingly we have trained our candidates in computer applications such as DTP unit, tally, MSWord, Networking etc. so that they could fit into any type of computer jobs. We have also provided this training in local Assamese, Hindi so that they could fit into any local job.  The computer education courses provided our society also enables the youth to set up own businesses.  We have 19 computer centers throughout Assam which recruits local unemployed semi-literates and provides training to them free of charge. Our Mission will be to establish more computer Education Centers in rural areas and include more BPL groups under this professional training. Several youths having a history of drug-addiction have been helped to give up this bad habit and switch over to productive work through computer training.

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We are dedicated to promoting social and gender justice and equality, advocating for the inclusion and empowerment of women, and steadfastly committed to sustainable environmental practices 
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Are you looking for WENS LINK is a non governmental Organization that provides free computer education to the rural youths of India

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