The WENS LINK organization has organized awareness generation programmes to encourage people mainly women to take the benefit of the collective bargaining and management through formation of NGO’s. Training for a specific occupation in agriculture trade, or industry through a combination of theoretical teaching and practical experience provided by many high schools in their commercial and technical divisions. The various activities such as savings, meetings, income generation activities (Vocational Training) and other empowerment activities organized in the district of Darrang.  Women Empowerment & Gender Justice is part of our mandate. We had provided both social and economic inputs. Regular get-togethers were organized for women (mass meeting). Particularly, the following were achieved viz.:

            -           We have conducted capacity building training programs targeting the formation of Women’s association.

-           Strengthening women’s organization & provision of back-up for their issue based actions through more systematic planning & follow up.

-           Men’s domination and control over women and the need for men to allowing women space and encouraging them in various activities.

-           The need for women’s participation in protection of the natural resources.

-           The need for land rights to the landless women. 

Women’s leaderships were encouraged. Women are conducting meetings and managing their affairs specially every month. We have promoted awareness on the need for united peaceful actions to ensure more basic amenities at village itself.

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We are dedicated to promoting social and gender justice and equality, advocating for the inclusion and empowerment of women, and steadfastly committed to sustainable environmental practices 
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